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DIAMOND VOYAGE Travel and Tourism is one of the leading Turkish companies in the field of tourism, known for the quality of its activities and tourism programs, which has received attention and praise from its customers in the Arab world and in Turkey from institutions in the public and private sectors, where the company provides offers on hotels, apartments, tourist tours and all services Logistics related to tourism in Turkey.
We are proud to be your first choice and your guaranteed guide for tourism in Turkey in all its cities, while ensuring the most appropriate prices and offers. Therefore, based on the concept of "added value" and "best practices", our strategic alliances came with major hotels and institutions concerned with tourism services, which would provide The best services that our customers aspire to obtain, from providing all services related to tourism and travel, and providing an integrated package of tourism services, including reservations of hotels, residential and hotel apartments, in addition to special tourism programs, long and short trips, honeymoon programs, and programs for businessmen and personalities. We are also pleased to be one of the pioneers in providing services for training and consulting companies, through full cadres to organize all conferences and meetings and provide all the necessary services for training and rehabilitation companies inside Turkey, and many more.
We also provide air, sea and land transportation services, passenger transportation services within the cities and suburbs of Turkey, travel insurance, and rental services, such as: car rental, aircraft, ships, and yacht rental services, in addition to booking and issuing tickets on all international, regional and local airlines, and following up Confirm reservations, and issue tickets for land and sea travel. DIAMOND VOYAGE offers its consultancy services in the field of tourism from the first moment you meet the client, through its cadres who possess the skills and experience for this work.
We are also fully prepared to implement any of the tourism programs that you wish to implement according to your desire at the time and place that suits you.
We aspire and strive to be your first choice.


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