Discover TRABZON

Tourism options in Trabzon are rich with distinction, as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey, and one of the most vibrant and attractive tourist centers for tourists and foreign investors, and Arabs in particular.

Uzungöl Lake, with its beautiful pristine nature, and Trabzon’s other landmarks are still the hearth of many Arab tourists, who found in these charming places a rich nature, affecting their beauty the deepest and strongest impact.

But the state of Trabzon is very rich in its wonderful tourist areas that many lovers of its beauty may not know, which is what prompted us to write this article; To serve as a tourist guide that can be used as a reference for anyone wishing to know more about the wonderful Trabzon.

Information about the Turkish city of Trabzon

Where is Trabzon located in Turkey?

Trabzon is located in northeastern Turkey, on the coast of the Black Sea, on the historical Silk Road, where Trabzon was a trade gateway to Iran and the Caucasus.

Trabzon was an important reference point for navigators in the Black Sea in bad weather, and the well-known expression “Trabzon is lost” is still widely used.
Senior in Italian; Describes loss of direction during navigation.

What is the area of Trabzon?

The area of Trabzon Province is about 4,685 square kilometers, hills constitute 22.4% of it, and hills account for 77.6% of the total area.

History of Trabzon in Turkey

The history of the city’s construction dates back to the eighth century BC, and the ruins of this city tell the story of the civilizations that passed through it, as it was ruled by the Greeks, then the Romans, and then the Ottoman Muslims, when the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II conquered it, and installed his son (Sultan Selim I) as ruler of the Sanjak of Trabzon.

Weather in Trabzon

Trabzon’s weather is characterized by the intensity of the precipitation, which is characterized by the Black Sea climate. It has a warm and humid climate in summer, and the average maximum temperature in August is 26.7 degrees Celsius, and its winters are cold and humid. The minimum average minimum temperature in the city center in January is about 5 degrees Celsius.

Trabzon in winter – tourism in Trabzon in winter

It usually snows in Trabzon between the months of December and March. The snow continues for a week or two sometimes, and the precipitation may be heavy at the beginning.

Tourist places in Trabzon

Wherever the beholder turns his gaze to the sides of the Black Sea “Trabzon”, he will find beauty.

In our article, we divide the tourist attractions in Trabzon according to its proximity to the city center and its distance from it.

Ayasofya Müzesi

This mosque is located in Orta Hisar, on a hill overlooking the sea. The Hagia Sophia Mosque was established in Trabzon in 1461 and was considered a symbol of the conquest of Trabzon, and in 1961 it was illegally converted into a museum, and it remained so until it was reopened for worship in 2013.

The walls of the mosque contain old pictures and decorations, and thousands of tourists visit this mosque annually, from all over the world.

Ataturk’s Palace in Trabzon, Turkey

This mansion is located 5 km from Trabzon city center. The palace was built by the Greek architect: Konstantin Kapaginidi in 1903, in a style similar to the style of the Black Sea buildings in the Crimea region. It was built on three floors, on one of the hills of Trabzon. When Ataturk visited the city in 1937, the royal family gave it to him.

The palace, which has been converted into a museum, is distinguished by its beautiful building style, exotic gardens, and antique pieces of furniture that were used in it at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The palace is open to visitors from 9 am to 7 pm.

Trabzon Müzesi

It is an ornate palace built in the early twentieth century. It includes local archaeological and ethnographic exhibits, such as statues of animals living in Trabzon, and the professions mastered by its people; From goldsmithing and other jewellery, and the types of grains, flowers and plants in them, as well as statues of the customs and traditions of the people of Trabzon, and some types of machines that they used in their lives.

The museum is located on Ozon Street in Trabzon, and it opens its doors to visitors between 9 am and 6 pm.

Trabzon Castle

It is an Ottoman fortress located within the city of Trabzon. The castle was built on foundations dating back to the Byzantine Empire, with stones from the previous historical structures on the site. The castle extends from a hill overlooking the city to the Black Sea shore.

The castle consists of three parts: the upper castle, the middle castle, and the lower castle. It is characterized by its view of the coast, and is also characterized by its distinctive Ottoman-Islamic architecture, its picturesque nature, and its dense green trees.

Sera Gol Lake in Trabzon

It is one of the beautiful lakes of Trabzon, into which a group of streams flow from the mountains.

The lake is only 12 km away from the city center, as it is located among a group of green mountains with dense trees. This lake is considered a suitable place to rest and enjoy nature, next to the city center.

Uzungöl Gölü

Uzungol Lake sits on the throne of the beauty of northern Turkey’s lakes, in terms of tourist turnout, as it enjoys its distinctive charm, forming one of the most important tourist attractions in Trabzon.

The lake is located at a distance of 96 km from the center of Trabzon, in a valley among the wonderful green mountain heights, surrounded by forests, and fog covers the surrounding mountains most of the time, adding an additional charm to the place.

Sümela Manastırı

This monastery was built in 386 AD, 48 km south of Trabzon city center. It is still standing tall in its construction to this day, with its privileged location at an altitude of 1200 meters, on a mountain slope overlooking the Machaka area.

Sumela Monastery is considered one of the most important tourist sites for lovers of history and beauty, as the monastery includes a number of houses and a maze of ancient rooms.

The monastery opens its doors to visitors daily between 9 am and 4 pm.

Sultan Murad Heights

It is located east of Trabzon, 106 km from the city center, and about 38 km from Uzungol Lake. The area was named after Sultan Murad VI, who passed through it on his return from Iran, and prayed Friday with his army.

When you see the area, you feel that it is a dreamland with its eye-catching scenes, and its views from the top of the mountains and above the clouds.

The region enjoys its wonderful summer, which does not leave greenery and splendor, and its white winter that is covered with snow, and its wild pets such as deer and squirrels, all of which form a natural image of one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey.

It is considered the second longest cave in the world in terms of its length, and the passages that were discovered in it reached about 8 km.

The cave is located 47 km from the center of Trabzon.

Çal Mağarası

The cave is characterized by its limestone rocks, cataracts and stalagmites, lakes that were formed over millions of years, with their small waterfalls, and water outlets that give the cave beauty above its beauty. days of the year.

The percentage of water in the cave drops in summer to 25 cm, and in winter it reaches 1.5 m.

The Chel Cave opened its doors to visitors in 2013. Visitors are allowed to roam the first 1 km of the cave. The cave contains a clean airway, which has positive effects on asthma patients and those who suffer from shortness of breath diseases.

The cave is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Trabzon, and a visit to the city is not complete without visiting and enjoying it.

Hidirnebi Yaylasi

Perhaps this place is one of the most beautiful areas of Trabzon, where the height of the plateau reaches 1600 m, and is characterized by stunning natural beauty and good tourist facilities.

The plateau is about 55 km from the center of Trabzon. It is famous for its indescribable beauty, where fog, rain, green pastures, meadows, springs and lakes, like the fish lake.

The clouds in Haider Nabi touch the tops of the mountains, in a view that enchants the hearts, and the region is characterized by its cold weather in the summer.

Ayder Trabzon

One of the most beautiful areas of Rize in the state of Trabzon, it enjoys enchanting natural beauty and its beautiful waterfalls that fascinate tourists, with vast areas of dense forests and towering mountains that give the village splendor and beauty.

Ayder is distinguished by its hot water and sulfur water pools, in addition to kayaking in its river connecting it with the city of Trabzon.

Hamsiköy Trabzon

This charming and beautiful area is located 52 km south of Trabzon city center. The area is characterized by its wonderful plains and rural life.

Hamskoy village is considered one of the most beautiful regions of Turkey, especially for ski lovers; With heavy snow in the winter period, and mild weather in the summer.

In conclusion: The talk about Trabzon is almost endless, and lengthy articles cannot accommodate it, where the magic of beauty infiltrates all its features and regions, so we stop here after this summary in the description of the most important tourist attractions in it.