Galata Kulesi

Galata Kulesi

Galata Tower, in Turkish: Galata Kulesi, is one of the most important and oldest tourist attractions in Istanbul. It is located north of the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey, and annually attracts many tourists because of its historical importance as well as the engineering art in its design to be one of the most beautiful towers in the city.

The accounts differ about the date of the construction of this great tower, as it was said that it was built during the time of Emperor Austinianus in the year 507. Khaireddin.

Galata Tower in Istanbul has a great location at the end of the famous commercial Istiklal Street. The area is 35 meters above sea level, while the height of the tower with its decorations is about 66 meters.

Galata Tower Istanbul consists of nine floors, visitors can climb to the first two floors by stairs, while the rest of the seven floors have a special elevator to climb to it. On the last floor of the Galata Tower there is a restaurant serving many traditional Turkish food and drinks, distinguished by its panoramic view of the city’s charm and the beauty of the Bosphorus Strait. The most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul.

Visitors to Istanbul Galata Tower from its top can enjoy watching the most important historical landmarks of Istanbul, such as seeing the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum and Topkapi Palace, in addition to seeing the bridge between European and Asian Istanbul.

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