Rafting Antalya

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Rafting trip in Antalya

The rafting trip in Antalya we have the most enjoyable and entertaining rafting experience with friends or family, as it is one of the most beautiful and most amazing and exciting water trips that we enjoy adventures of action, excitement and challenges as it takes a whole day full of surprise.


An overview of the city of Antalya

The city of Antalya is one of the Turkish cities completely different from the rest of the cities in Turkey, where it is distinguished by its many resorts and beaches, which are concentrated near by hotels, apartments and large villas, and is the main entrance to the southern Mediterranean regions in Turkey, where we notice Roman buildings and towers.

Rafting trip in Antalya

On the Koprulu River, which is characterized as one of the best rivers for rafting in Antalya, where it is approximately 80 km away from the city, you will spend an enjoyable day on an imaginary rafting trip, which extends for a length of 14 km within a custom dress, a raft and all the equipment and equipment needed by the tourist, and will also be on the boat A tour guide with experience in the field of first aid, as this sport is one of the most exciting and wonderful international sports.


The duration of the rafting trip in Antalya

To enjoy the rafting trip, the trip must start early in the morning, as you will be removed from the place of residence at nine o’clock in a private vehicle to reach Koprulu Valley. People, with a tour guide and a captain, to embark on the most beautiful and unforgettable marine adventure until approximately five o’clock in the evening.


The program of the rafting trip in Antalya

When planning a rafting trip program in Antalya, the trip must be organized on a suitable day in the months of the year
Summer and the flight time starts early to spend a full day and not waste time, and the presence of
The following is in the program:

  • A private vehicle for transportation from the place of residence.
  • Equip equipment, helmet and special dress.
  • A skilled tour guide.
  • The presence of first aid.
  • Eat lunch.
  • Tour the area before returning.

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