Turkey Mosques

The Republic of Turkey is known for its many mosques, which is famous for its high-level architecture in the design of mosques, so it has gained great international fame as a Muslim country famous for Islamic mosques.

Turkey Mosques

It was nicknamed “the country of mosques”. According to recent statistics, the number of mosques in Turkey in general is about 85,684 mosques.

The most famous mosques in Turkey

Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire in the past and is now the largest city in Turkey, which is characterized by the splendor of the architectural edifices that adorn its skyline, especially mosques and minarets.

The Byzantines built beautiful churches and palaces, then the Ottomans came after them and innovated in the construction of mosques whose beauty did not change with the passage of time until Istanbul became full of the finest examples of Islamic architecture.

Istanbul is the central city throughout Turkey’s ancient and modern history, so it is natural that it includes a number of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, especially the historical mosques, some of which date back to the era of the Ottoman Caliphate and perhaps to the Roman and Byzantine periods.

Also, both of them left a good number of ancient churches that were converted into mosques in conjunction with the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople.

Mosques in Turkey are among the most important things inherited throughout the historical times of Turkey since the ancient Ottoman era.

The most important and largest mosques founded by the most famous Ottoman sultans and princes are considered to commemorate their eras and to be their burial place in many cases.

There are many of these large mosques, and each of them shows the strength and greatness of those who built them, showing the Islamic heritage in the Ottoman era.

In addition, it is one of the most important tourist places that attract tourists from various countries and countries of the world.

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