Uzungöl Gölü

Uzungöl Gölü

Uzungol Lake Trabzon – Where is it located?

Uzungöl Lake is located in the southeast of Trabzon, on the slopes of the Soganli Mountains, in the Çaykara district in Trabzon, northeastern Turkey, on the Black Sea. Tourists from all over the world. The lake is about 99 km from the center of Trabzon and about 19 km from the center of Çaykara Province. The lake was formed about five centuries ago when the Hellenists blocked the course of the Haldeniz River.
The lake rises 1100 meters above sea level and the length of its circumference is seven kilometers. The water of the lake is fresh.

The aesthetic value and the charm of nature in Uzungol Lake
Uzungöl Lake is characterized by its charming beauty, as it is located in a valley between the high mountains, surrounded by picturesque nature and around it are dense trees, green grass and tall mountains. Ways to reach it, you will find a lot of greenery around the forest surrounded by mountain forests and fog too! It covers the lake at night, which will give you a special scene.

Many tourists come to the lake to spend their day there, and you will find fishermen fishing there, specifically river salmon, which lives in cold waters, which made it a favorite dish among tourists, and there are restaurants famous for cooking in the village next to the lake.

While tourists visit Uzungol Lake, they will certainly go to Uzungöl village as well. It is a beautiful village where you find restaurants and where hundreds of species of birds and wild animals live in the lake or the surrounding places. When you visit this special place, you will really feel the beauty of nature and praise the Creator, as it is a distinct area with the beauty of its nature and loves it. Everyone who visited Trabzon and the picturesque lake Uzungol.

Transport infrastructure near the lake was improved, and in 2008 the government erected a concrete barrier along the shoreline of the lake so that coastal roads would not get wet due to its waves, but this sparked protests from local residents and environmental organizations concerned with environmental damage and said that it might turn into a giant artificial pond.

Tourism in Uzungol
The lake is meant by many tourists from all over the world and the Arabs in particular. It is considered the second most popular trip in Turkey after Sumela Monastery in Trabzon. In the neighboring village you will find small hotels, so tourists may visit it for two days or more according to their desire and spend their time roaming in the picturesque nature or camping, especially between The months of May and July, when the weather is beautiful, mild and sunny, you may need some time to walk around the lake in the mountains and beautiful nature, and you can take a break to eat in the restaurants in the village that offer the most delicious food, and there are souvenir shops, the way to the lake is difficult It is very full of bends between the mountains and the road is full of gravel, however, many tourists come by bus or private cars from Trabzon, and the road takes about an hour to an hour and a half.

You will find many tourists looking for real estate for sale in Trabzon because it contains many landmarks and is close to Uzungol Lake. There are 532 hotels around the lake. You can rent mountain bikes near the lake and spend the most beautiful times there with a distinctive nature and wonderful weather in The area, and the convenient shops in the village gave it a lot of popularity and is popular with a lot, especially on weekends and other holidays and summer, Uzungöl Lake is an unmissable trip and you will definitely enjoy it.

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